Time Capsule Tuesday #10

I know I am not the only one out there who loves to look at old photos and watch old videos. Thus Time Capsule Tuesday was born! Join in on the fun, & share your memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... Don't forget to link up!!

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This week is a special week for me. My 2nd child was born 5 years ago on the 7th of May. 2 days before Mother's Day that year. The best gift I ever could have recieved!

My water broke at 430am and within 30 minutes I was in active labor. I was so scared I wouldnt make it to the hospital. Joey drove me quickly after calling the hospital and telling them we were on our way. I got checked in right away and was 5cm dialated. Once they had checked me I felt the urge to push but I would not speak of it because I WANTED MY EPIDURAL!!! There was no way I could go through my entire labor without meds! LOL I got an epidural and was able to rest. I think the epidural helped slow down the process. I felt queasy so they gave me some meds that were supposed to help, but it just made me even more exhausted. My blood pressure was high, but they just kept a close eye on it and luckily it didn't become a huge concern. My epidural also didnt completely work, but enough for me not to be in complete pain. I was ready to push at 930am and she came into the world at 957am

Liliana Augustine

She was my biggest baby at 8lb 7oz with thick dark-brown hair and blue eyes (they turned brown later). So beautiful! I fell in love instantly and she has continued over the last 5 years to soften my heart. She is so sweet and caring! I love her to pieces.


  1. Those pictures are just precious! What a cutie! Here's mine: http://mandy--land.blogspot.com/2009/05/time-capsule-tuesday-10.html

  2. OMG 8 lb. 7oz? Wow, she was a big baby! Such precious photos, and such a cute little girl she is! Happy Early Birthday, Liliana! :)