I'm more upset than I thought I would be.

I really like Kris.
I liked him from the beginning.
I'm happy for him.
I congratulate him.
I'm so sad! I really think Adam should have won! He is still MY American Idol!
& I will miss seeing him every week. At least I can listen to him since I downloaded all his songs off iTunes [heehee]
& I may TOTALLY FREAK when I see him at the CONCERT!!!!
on July 20th!
Tickets purchased.
i [heart] adam

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  1. OH my word!!!! Kris won? HE WON??? The final is only on tonight here but I though Adam was sure to win so I wasnt even that interested. OMIWORD. What a HUGE upset. I *so* didnt see that coming. I feel just like you. Kris is a sweetie but he aint know Idol. Adam SCREAMS Idol. Wow. am still gobsmacked.

  2. The show itself was fantastic. For two hours, I actually wasn't bored. The ending was so anti-climatic. I didn't like Adam in the beginning, but he truly deserved it. I was floored. I'm happy for Kris though. He was my 2nd favorite.

  3. I am more excited than I thought I would be that Kris won. LOL!

    I pray that God Bless him and use him!!!

  4. Don't you totally miss watching them?!?!?!?!!?! We sure do... :-(

  5. I am still devastated a week later. Why America why??????

    I managed to find a site (MP3boo) where you can download all Adam`s songs, as an album, from the Top 10 (they are all studio versions). Amazing stuff. I`ve been listening to it in the car NON STOP and I am pretty sure America got it wrong this time. Listen to "Tracks of my tears" and tell me he isn`t the most amazing male singer in the world!!!

    Anyways, had to get that out my system.


  6. I only watched like the last episode of AI and I thought for sure Adam would've won this whole thing!!! :)

    I'm entering into your 100th post giveaway!