Smooth Away Legs

After posting this pic on my 365 Blog I keep getting the question, "So how did it work??"
SO, let me tell ya!
Well....I was strolling through Target one day and I spotted Smooth Away in the clearance section. I could not resist such a good deal and put it in my cart. I have been meaning to order this for months after seeing all the infomercials. I have really bad dry skin and am always looking for ways to get my skin nice and smooth!
A couple days later...I decided to open the box and really get my legs lookin good. I was pleased to find the green case full of refills for the "file". Which is what is kinda looks and feels like, a nail file. The smoother kind, not the really rough kind ; ) It includes the bigger file and the smaller file. The refills have tape on one side that you stick onto the file. The directions state to go in a circular motion, 3 times clockwise, 3 times counter-clockwise. Repeat. Until you get the results you need.
WOW After about 4 to 5 repeats my skin felt SO soft! And the hair was coming off!
Here are the results:

Apparently I have some stubborn hairs though that I had to really work at, but it did work. My biggest problem is that it took SO long. After 1 leg, which took me about AN HOUR I was not looking forward to doing my other leg. But I could not have uneven legs, that would just not be cool. By the time I finished my other leg, the hairs on my first leg were already growing back! Sheesh. So try this product if you want to do a "smaller" area or if you have alot of time on your hands.
All in all it is a perfect product... if you have midget legs.

*no offense to midget legs*


  1. LOL yes, I am joking. those are not my legs and and my hair doesnt grow back that fast ;) but it did take a long time!

  2. Girl you are too funny! But it's good to know ;)

  3. Did it last longer than shaving?
    Sounds like a pain like I remember Nads was. LOL!
    Thanks for the review!

  4. no it didnt last very long for me! I shaved today & it was so much easier! LOL

  5. does it grow back like spikey like after you shave???