Holy Canoley!

So sad to see Danny go! He did so good last night; his farewell song was beautiful!

I really was not expecting to see Adam and Kris in the finals together! I don't see Kris even coming close to winning...but I'll make sure all those little girls don't get the better of me & I will be voting for Adam!! Can't wait to see what next week brings!! Although a bit sad it will be the last week...
BUT "So You Think You Can Dance" is starting next week! One of my favorites as well! Anyone else watch it??


  1. well...I will be voting for Kris and hoping that he gets all of Danny's votes! I was so sad to see Danny go, but I think it will be better for him in the long run....he can sign with whoever he wants now...he WILL be big.

    I LOVE so you think you can dance!! My daughter and I can not wait for it to start next week!

  2. Adam will win, but I'm a Kris girl. I knew he'd be in the finals after singing Heartless.