The competition is ON!!! We heard the final 3 perform tonight and what great performances!

Danny- sang a song picked by Paula. I thought he did great! definitely his best from the last few weeks. I remembered what I liked about him from the beginning!

Kris- sang a song picked by Randy&Kara. I thought it was good, very Karaoke to me, he didn't make it his own and would have liked to see him do that, but still did good.

Adam- sang a song picked by Simon. GREAT GREAT GREAT! No I am not biased, he is just THAT good!

oooooooooooooh we are not finished yet! They each sang one more song picked on their own!

Danny- BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris- Good job, but was not as taken as the judges seemed to be.

Adam- SUPERB! I'll be seeing him at the FINALS!!

After these performances I really think Danny & Adam will be in the FINALE!! I think they are on another level in comparison to Kris. I have no doubt Kris will get a record deal and have all the little girl fans chasing him.


  1. I know this sounds utterly trite but my money was on Adam and Danny from the Top 36. Seriously, they are streaks ahead of anyone else. We still have Anoop, Lil and the little redhead rockchick here in SA but I am happy to read your blog cos I KNOW its Dan vs Adam in the end. I dont care who wins (yes I love DAN) because I will buy both their cds!

  2. I think Kris, of all 3, would be the only album I would listen too.
    Adam screeching in every song is SO SO old!!!
    And he ruined Aerosmith! No one can do as good as Steven Tyler!