Feelin fancy in my yellow belt

I was approached at church by a friend, Mike, who is very passionate about women taking self-defense classes.
I am sure you have heard of Chelsea King who was brutally raped and murdered. It happened just a few short miles from my house. If she had been able to fight back the outcome may have been completely different.
Mike's goal is to teach FREE self-defense classes for women on weekends, that maybe a life can be saved. However, he was in need of 2 women that were willing to demonstrate the moves during the classes. I was very interested...then he said that he would teach me Karate up to my black belt FOR FREE just for helping him! I could not resist!
Fast forward one month: I have already earned my yellow belt & am working on my green belt!
He may just be saying this, but he said I'm very good. I'm a quick learner and it should not take me long to reach my black belt. Grant it, I am 28 and it is not the easiest thing I have done, but I am enjoying it and it's a great work out! I definitely have to work at it, but I'm so excited to learn more. Especially getting into the self-defense moves and hopefully it won't be too much longer until we are doing the Free Self-Defense Classes for Women!

The day I tested for my yellow belt:
w/ Bob...he doesn't like me cause I beat him up haha

w/ Mike & My Certificate & Yellow belt

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