Feelin fancy in my yellow belt

I was approached at church by a friend, Mike, who is very passionate about women taking self-defense classes.
I am sure you have heard of Chelsea King who was brutally raped and murdered. It happened just a few short miles from my house. If she had been able to fight back the outcome may have been completely different.
Mike's goal is to teach FREE self-defense classes for women on weekends, that maybe a life can be saved. However, he was in need of 2 women that were willing to demonstrate the moves during the classes. I was very interested...then he said that he would teach me Karate up to my black belt FOR FREE just for helping him! I could not resist!
Fast forward one month: I have already earned my yellow belt & am working on my green belt!
He may just be saying this, but he said I'm very good. I'm a quick learner and it should not take me long to reach my black belt. Grant it, I am 28 and it is not the easiest thing I have done, but I am enjoying it and it's a great work out! I definitely have to work at it, but I'm so excited to learn more. Especially getting into the self-defense moves and hopefully it won't be too much longer until we are doing the Free Self-Defense Classes for Women!

The day I tested for my yellow belt:
w/ Bob...he doesn't like me cause I beat him up haha

w/ Mike & My Certificate & Yellow belt

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American Idol Top 11

First I want to say how surprised I was that Lacey went home last week. She was one of the better ones, in my opinion, and I know there are much worse still in the game. So far lilly & lacey gone...America has gotten it wrong! (maybe I should vote ha!)

Lee Dewyze
It was ok, not his favorite performance of mine. I like him better with his guitar.

Paige Miles
I cant believe she has made it this far, I see glimpses of potential but the bad parts are just overwhelming. I have not seen a good performance from her yet!

Tim Urban
WOW the judges were harsh...I didn't think it was THAT bad. I was not a fan of his at all, but he's kind of growing on me.

Aaron Kelly
How cute, he has a crush on Miley! Best of night so far & I'm not even a fan of his.

Crystal Bowersox
She's already a star in my book. I love her and I'm enjoying seeing her smile and showing more personality :)

Michael Lynche
Great tone & voice via Ellen :)

Andrew Garcia
I actually didnt think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be...but I have not been impressed by him the last couple weeks anyways. whatcha gonna do??

*Olive Garden commercial looked REALLY good!*

Katie Stevens
Pitchy....haha im not a fan, i cant get on board...noooooo....

Casey James
I like it...I love it...I liked the song...Simon is weird.

Didi Benami
I like her.

Siobhan Magnus
She's adorable! I love her!

My guess...
Bottom 3: Paige, Tim & Katie

Paige needs to go!

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I have been missing in action, huh?
I think I just needed a break from something and blogging was it, I put too much on my plate sometimes and then everything blows up in my face! We were down for about a week with a stomach bug and right after that Jojo got pink eye. Seems like it has taken me some time to recover from everything since everything goes haywire and the house becomes destroyed. Still trying to recover from the piles of laundry, but I am getting my carpets cleaned within the next week! Oh, the excitement ensues ;)
I was really hoping to update about American Idol this year and I still plan to...even though I have missed a few weeks. I have not watched tonight's yet, it is recorded and waiting for me. I have not been too impressed this year but I do have a few faves!
Time Capsule Tuesday may be put on hold for awhile. The computer with all my old photos is without a keyboard right now and I keep forgetting to purchase one when while I am out.
The kids are all doing great, the girls are going to a Community Day every Tuesday, its a 3 hour class for homeschoolers. They love it and I love the break! Today was awesome since my friend watched Jojo while I had some pampering done (mani/pedi) and a bit of shopping!
I will be posting some updates soon on some other things going on! Keep a look out!

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Time Capsule Tuesday 3/9

We had a blast in Disneyland last week and I will do a whole post soon!

But today.....

Please join us by sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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8th grade Graduation...1995

Still bestest friends with jen after all these years ♥
YES..that is a gorilla! I collected monkeys,gorillas,apes of all kinds way back when! I still have him in a box somewhere....

In just a few months I will be graduating with an associates in healthcare administration.
i am so ready!


American Idol-Top 12 Boys Sing

My FAVES of the night....

He was AWESOME!!!
Loved his voice & the song!!

LEE DEWYZE Great tone, I really enjoyed his performance
& can't wait to see more!

ANDREW GARCIAHe was my fave guy from Hollywood week.Love that song, but not really his rendition of it.

It was a good night, I thought the guys did better than the gals, but there were some pretty bad moments for both nights! I really see potential in a lot of the contestants & I guess that is why they were chosen for the Top 24. I'm interested in seeing who goes home tomorrow...just don't let it be any of these 3! ;)

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Happiest Place on Earth

Guess where we'll be 1 week from today?

You guessed it!
We are so excited...one of my bestest of friends invited us to go along with them to celebrate their son's 7th Birthday! I could not pass up the offer!
1. I don't know when I will be able to see her or her family again.
2. I get to meet her new baby girl!
3. It's DISNEYLAND!! Hello?!?!?
I am a teensy bit bummed that my husband will have to miss this trip, but he is excited for us and wants me to take lots of pictures (of course I will!!!)
I am in MUCH need of a vacation! I will take this time to enjoy my friends and my children. I could not be happier! I will post about our experience with MANY pictures!!!

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Top 24-AI:Top 12 Girls Sing

PAIGE MILESI didn't think it was that great.
Had a nice big ending, but that was it.
I didn't care for her song choice.

OK..ok...I thought it was good. not great.
I actually have to agree with Simon:
clumsy, bad arrangement

I think she looked very nervous ((shaking))
I like her voice, I liked the song.
I think the ending got to her though.

Interesting...I think I could really like her.
Very unique and the best singer so far.
She makes Ryan look short haha

I enjoyed her performance.
I agreed with Randy...
good tone, good voice.

I know the judges like her, but she gets under my skin a bit.
Kinda annoying.
I hope she changes my mind, cause I have a feeling she'll be around awhile.

Maybe it's because I love that song, but I did not like how she changed it.
I'd still like to see more because I think she's different.
Quoting Ellen "She's better than that".

MICHELLE DELAMORShe's brave to do Alicia Keys.
I think she did well, kinda felt like she was holding back.
I miss Adam Lambert...

DIDI BENAMIAll I see is Brooke White...
Good...I feel like a record player.
Everyone is "good".

I really liked her!
She's new & different!
Can't wait to see what she will do.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX She's one of my faves from Hollywood week!

I like her & plan to see her around for awhile too :)

KATIE STEVENS OMG Adam Lambert Sang this song "Feelin Good"

She did...ooooookaaaaaaaaay

Not bad for a 17 yr old...Adam's version was better

All in all it was just an "okay" night. I really hope the season improves because I was not impressed. Of course it was the first night and usually it never goes too well...

Did anyone vote? Who did you vote for?


Tomorrow is the Top 12 Boys!

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Time Capsule Tuesday 2/23

Please join us this week in sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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JUNE 2005
Alexis was 3 years old and in her first ballet/tap class and had her first recital in June.
My Beautiful dancer:
This was her class photo:
After the recital with her flowers:
With the proud mommy & daddy!

Almost 5 years ago, it always amazes me how time flies....I can't believe my baby will be 9 years old this coming July!! She no longer dances, she would rather take gymnastics. She loves it though & I'm happy as long as she is happy :)

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365 Blog Week 8

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Here's an update for my 365 Blog, I missed 2 days this week...oops!
I also have to remember to take my camera with me EVERYWHERE otherwise I end up with too many bedtime shots! :)

Week 8 - 44 weeks to go...
I ♥ living in San Diego

Today I wore the shirt & necklace I received for running in the Mermaid Run 5k on 2/13/10


Working hard :)


i guess he was tired

not feelin' so good...

So, this was my week in pictures. Check out my 365 Blog for daily updates!

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Friday FUN!

1. Johnny Weir has the same birthday as my mother (thanks google).
2. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch any of the 2010 Olympics.
3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was not worth it anymore.
4. Do not always do what you please, even if you get an urge.
5. Having sweet dreams are the best.
6. What does it take for these kids to listen to me.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing, tomorrow my plans include relaxing and Sunday, I want to enjoy my first class of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University!

This week has pretty much flown by, I guess it was because Monday was a holiday. Homeschooling has gone well this week. I think I've finally figured out a schedule that works for us all. I'm still trying to work on myself to not get so overwhelmed. It is okay if something does not get done, there is always tomorrow. We can have fun with this, there are so many wonderful opportunities we can have because I homeschool. NO NEED TO STRESS SO MUCH..and if anyone knows me, I tend to stress to the max.

I used to not be like that at all, I am not sure why that has changed. I know we are called to NOT worry. Trust in the Lord for He will direct our path, He will provide, He will not give us more than we can handle. I must really put it into practice now.

We are focusing on Math and Language Arts, however I am mostly enjoying the History lessons and some of the Science lessons. Alexis is speeding through her spelling book, so we may be done with that before anything else!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, make a point to get some rest and really enjoy life's beauty.

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Found My Happy Pace

Last Saturday I ran my fist 5k.
I signed up online with the Mermaid Run. It was their first ever run in San Diego. When I signed up I had decided to train hard since I really am not much of a runner..I like to do Jazzercise & the elliptical. I loathe the treadmill. BUT I cannot go to jazzercise classes or to a gym right now because it is hard to go anywhere with 3 kids plus the cost. I figured this would be a good way to get motivated about running.
I had 3-4 weeks to get ready...
and then it began to rain.
It rarely rains in San Diego, but as soon as I decided to start running, rain decided to make its appearance for 2 weeks straight !!! & being as busy as I am, when it was not raining I had plans or something would come up. Needless to say I did not get in as much training as I would have liked. I even contimplated bowing out of the race. BUT I paid my dues so I went.
I ran.
I did not stop running the whole time. & I may have come in close to last at 39 min 14 sec for 3.1 miles, but I DID IT!!!
My inspiration was my sister, who ran 10 miles for her first ever race. I kept teling myself, my sister did 10-I can do 3!!
& I actually enjoyed it!
I'm already planning to do a 10k next month & I hope to run with my sister soon. She lives in another state, but we'll figure it out!

BEFORE the run with a friend who ran with me (her 1st run too) AFTER the run

The shirt I got-says Find Your Happy Pace
The necklace they handed to eveyone who crossed the finish line...says Mermaid Athlete
After the race I asked my friend "So are we classified as runners now?"

She said "I think so!"

What do you think??

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Time Capsule Tuesday 2/16

Please join us this week in sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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Sisters over the years...


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