Time Capsule Tuesday 3/9

We had a blast in Disneyland last week and I will do a whole post soon!

But today.....

Please join us by sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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8th grade Graduation...1995

Still bestest friends with jen after all these years ♥
YES..that is a gorilla! I collected monkeys,gorillas,apes of all kinds way back when! I still have him in a box somewhere....

In just a few months I will be graduating with an associates in healthcare administration.
i am so ready!


  1. Awww, you look so little there. :) I'm still waiting on your Disneyland pics! Hurry!!!LOL!
    I also tagged you in one of my blogs~

  2. I'm so glad we'll be graduating together again! Probably not the same day, and definitely not the same state, but one more thing in thousands that I've been blessed to share with you in the last 18 years (!!!) that we've been friends! I love you and am so proud of your accomplishments! And I am so happy to have you as my best friend!