American Idol Top 11

First I want to say how surprised I was that Lacey went home last week. She was one of the better ones, in my opinion, and I know there are much worse still in the game. So far lilly & lacey gone...America has gotten it wrong! (maybe I should vote ha!)

Lee Dewyze
It was ok, not his favorite performance of mine. I like him better with his guitar.

Paige Miles
I cant believe she has made it this far, I see glimpses of potential but the bad parts are just overwhelming. I have not seen a good performance from her yet!

Tim Urban
WOW the judges were harsh...I didn't think it was THAT bad. I was not a fan of his at all, but he's kind of growing on me.

Aaron Kelly
How cute, he has a crush on Miley! Best of night so far & I'm not even a fan of his.

Crystal Bowersox
She's already a star in my book. I love her and I'm enjoying seeing her smile and showing more personality :)

Michael Lynche
Great tone & voice via Ellen :)

Andrew Garcia
I actually didnt think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be...but I have not been impressed by him the last couple weeks anyways. whatcha gonna do??

*Olive Garden commercial looked REALLY good!*

Katie Stevens
Pitchy....haha im not a fan, i cant get on board...noooooo....

Casey James
I like it...I love it...I liked the song...Simon is weird.

Didi Benami
I like her.

Siobhan Magnus
She's adorable! I love her!

My guess...
Bottom 3: Paige, Tim & Katie

Paige needs to go!

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  1. I like Lee. He has a great voice, but picks the wrong songs. I've never really liked Katie. She has a great voice too, but doesn't have a connection with the crowd. Lacey was horrible. She should have gone weeks ago. Paige NEEDS TO GO! Simon was extra harsh last night. Poor kids.

  2. Dang you called the bottom three!! :) I was glad to see Paige go. I really like Tim and hope he doesn't get voted off before Katie...