It is so nice to feel free of something.
I had been stressing over my finals all week and to finally post them is just magical!
It is now in the hands of my teachers.
Unfortunately my streak of A's is no longer.
Its been marked. ruined. destroyed.
by Financial Matters for Health Care Professionals!!!
There is no way I can get an A in the class and I am hoping I will pass with a B...which I most likely will unless he hates my final project.
Life will go on. This B will not defeat me.
Tomorrow starts 2 more classes and they seem to be interesting, so I am actually looking forward to them.
Intro to Behavioral Science & Intro to Psychology
Once these are finished (in 9 weeks) I will start my final 2 classes before graduating with my Associates in Healthcare Administration.
I'm really excited!
I feel somewhat accomplished. & even though it is not the end of my schooling I am very proud of what I have done so far!

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It was Doppelgänger week on Facebook, so we were prompted to change our profile picture to someone famous that we have been told we look like.

First it got me thinking...what the heck is a doppelganger??

A doppelgänger is the ghostly double of a living person.

While I don't think I look like anyone famous, especially a ghostly version I did start thinking back to a few famous people I have been told I resemble.

This is me:
Elisabeth Shue

Cindy Crawford (can't complain here)

and Kristian Alfonso

I posted Kristian Alfonso cause I thought it was the most accurate, but I still don't see it.
Do you?

She is not famous, but here is my true doppelganger

Who's your doppelganger?

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One of these days...

One of these days I will learn not to procrastinate. I always wait until the last minute to do almost anything. I enjoy having things accomplished early, but I guess I get a rush out of stressing about whether I will get it all done in time and the timer motivates me. Of course when you have so much on your plate it is not always possible to achieve everything necessary in a short amount of time so either standards are lowered or it just never gets done. I do have to learn to budget my time wisely. When my calendar is empty I become apethetic, so I have managed to fill it the brim. And when I get overly stressed I most likely stop everything and give up (which is a trait of a perfectionist, go figure).
Procrastination can be a result of laziness and while I would hate to admit that I am lazy I know I can be. My excuse is I need a break, and well, we all need rest, but too much of anything is never a good thing. & maybe one day I will learn as I sit here writing about my need to stop procrastinating I am actually procrastinating writing my finals for my classes.
Apparently, today is not the day I will learn...maybe tomorrow...

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Friday fill ins


1. Wouldn't it be easy to take that first step.
2. This year is going to be better than ever!
3. I love the taste of hot&spicy foods.
4. I am ALWAYS picking up & cleaning in the living room.
5. The first thing we're going to do is take pictures -of course-.
6. *Bang* drip, drip, drip; there's another mess to clean up.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing at least on of my final papers so I can watch a movie, tomorrow my plans include working on my finals *so ready for these classes to be over with* and Sunday, I want to go to church & then to our little friend's 3 yr old birthday party!

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Time Capsule Tuesday 1/26

Please join us this week in sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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This is my husband and I December of 2000. We were at a Navy Christmas Party in Norfolk, Virginia. I didn't know it yet, but I was pregnant with our first baby :)

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Homeschooling and eye twitching

One might say it is coincidence that my eye has not stopped twitching since I have started homeschooling.
I think not.
I guess it is a bit stressfull. I am really trying to enjoy it. It is something I chose to do for the benefit of my children and I will not let anything stand in the way...
even myself.
It has only been a full 2 weeks out of the last 3; our first week we didn't do much since all the materials hadn't arrived. I know I have to give it time, everything will not go perfectly right away.
Can you tell I am giving myself a pep talk?
My schedule is completely full this week and I need to find time to sleep.
I have finals this week.
One of my best friends is coming for a visit from out of town.
I am training for a 5K in February.
& I have SO much organizing to do it could take me 3 weeks straight.
I am not trying to complain here, I know my life could be so much worse. I am thankful for my life, my husband and my children. I am thankful I have a house to clean, legs that can run, children to teach and a husband to miss.
On a brighter note: I did have a good day!
The ship's family readiness group had a party at Dave&Busters...we got to eat yummy food, great conversation and a game card to play some games!
If you didnt know...
Dave&Busters=Adult ChuckECheese
It was a nice break and much needed for the hectic week ahead!

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Time Capsule Tuesday 1/19

Please join us this week in sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... let me know if you participate so I can enjoy your memories as well!

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This one is not too old, but it was on my phone from December 2008 and I was so shocked to see the changes in Josiah. he looks so little & so cute! Love my baby boy!

Look at them BLUE eyes!

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Monday's Manic...

Another week has already passed.

Homeschooling went well last week, I am still getting the hang of it...as well as the girls. The most difficult part is schooling 2 children in 2 different grades without ignoring one or taking ALL day. It is taking some adjustments, but I am getting the hang of it.

Preparation is key.

Since Josiah is also home he likes to be in the school room with us, which can be distracting and I'm having to find things for him to do as well. He is learning though, so that is a major positive. & all week has finally decided he was going to be fully potty trained! Only 10 months of struggle!

Today marks my Dad's 52nd Birthday! I wish I was able to be with him to celebrate, but I hope he knows how much we love him and miss him and appreciate him in our lives. Happy Birthday Dad/Poppa!

Growing up, what was your favorite sitcom?

I'd have to choose 2: Punky Brewster & Full House!

What's your idea of a romantic date?

Anything that involves me RELAXING! I love being pampered :)

What are you most afraid to lose?

My family/children.

Here's to a wonderfully smooth week!

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Time Capsule Tuesday 1/12

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Here I am at 10 years old!

ok that was a little embarrassing...

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Don't forget!

American Idol is back! Tomorrow will be the first of many auditions, followed by HOLLYWOOD WEEK and then the competition starts! I'm really hoping for a good year with outstanding talent!

I'm sure most of you remember my FANatic behavior towards Adam Lambert...I have still yet to buy his CD. I do not like the cover (I saw it tonight at Wal-Mart). Alexis said "They made him look like a girl!" She was right on! Ah..well, he has talent, I cannot deny that AND he has some strange taste! I haven't heard all the songs yet, I may like them.

So, I also hear Simon Cowell is leaving AI after this season...who knew he wanted to follow Paula Abdul so badly?? I am thinking AI will not do as great and will be coming to an end. I must say, even though I love the show...all good things must come to an end at some point, right??

I will not be giving my weekly updates/opinions on American Idol until the Top 10 (11, 12,13, ???) are revealed. But I will be watching and trying to see who my favorites will be this year!

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Manic Monday

What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
I wish I could say nothing but there's quite a lot I'd like to change about myself, however I am not about to embarass myself ; )

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I do. most importantly I believe God can use all things for good and for His purposes.

What would be your dream job?
I have my dream job, staying home with my children. It would be a teensy bit better if I had a maid and chef on staff though!

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Eye Twitch

I have this awful twitch in my eye for the last couple days. It comes and goes but is mostly there. annoying me. I read (googled) that I may be fatigued, stressed or had too much caffeine. I think I'm gonna go with the stressed and fatigued. I have had NO caffeine today and it's still going to town!

Tomorrow is our TRUE first day of homeschooling. We recieved most of the materials and the rest should be here tomorrow. I am a little nervous about how to handle both the girls at the same time. Lily needs more attention since she cannot read yet. I am not too concerned though, I think once I get started and we have a routine down things will go smoothly. I am sure there will be a lot of adjustments at first. I will gladly keep you all informed on how things are going--good and bad!
My cousin asked me what I was using to homeschool...I enrolled them through K12.com. If you qualify (we did) everything is FREE! They sent us our own computer and all the supplies! I figured I would go this route because it is easiest on me right now. They even have a teacher who is there to help if necessary and all the lesson plans are scheduled for us!

My schooling is going good. I was a little worried before Christmas break because I had a B in one of my classes. Well, I have brought that grade up to a 92%!
Only 3 weeks left of this semester then only 4 classes left and I will have my Associates degree!! I am very proud of myself. I have had straight A's this whole time and hope to continue that way! I graduate June 6, 2010. I am not sure what my next step will be, but I will certainly let you all in on it as soon as I know :)

I'm really bummed out that my camera decided to break (again!) and I am so thankful I decided to buy the warranty. The GeekSquad has my camera til further notice. Until then...no NEW pictures :(
I really think they should have rental cameras for times like these ; )

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Friday Fill-in.


1. There are places we will always remember and places we want to forget.

2. I'd rather it not rain today, so blow those clouds away.

3. Standing in the slow line can be frusterating.

4. Still 2 more months of winter... oh boy.

5. He went out tiger hunting and came home with nothing.

6. While reading my Financial Matters text, it is VERY hard to keep my mind from wandering .

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some relaxation, tomorrow my plans include more organizing and Sunday, I want to not have homework due, but too bad for me!

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Welcome Back Time Capsule Tuesday

Please join us this week in sharing your special memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... Don't forget to link up!!
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Here I am with my bestest of friends from high school and after...at my high school graduation. Class of 99! That's right!
This picture does make me sad though, because I am not as close to these wonderful girls. I'm grateful to still be in contact with most of them, but time has certainly kept us apart.
Miss you all!

Link up:

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A new beginning...

A new month, a new year, and a new decade welcomes new beginnings. It is refreshing and I am taking this to heart this year, 2010. I remember as a child the year 2000 seemed forever away and I thought by now we'd all having flying cars and robot maids (thanks to The Jetsons). So many changes have taken place over the last 10 years, I became a wife, a mother, a woman (yes, in that order)...I've moved too many times to count and lived in 3 different states. I have met new people and lost contact with many. I've grown in so many ways and yet I know I have so much more growth, so much more to learn and so much more to do.

Starting tomorrow I will be eating healthy and exercising, trying to get off the extra weight 2009 left me. I begin my school work after a WONDERFUL 2 week break and to add yet another duty to my list I have chosen to homeschool my children. I know this may be shocking to some of you, it was even shocking to me, but I after lots of prayer and deliberation I know this is what is best for my children, at this time. We are all very excited to see where this new journey takes us and what this new year will bring...I, for one, am expecting only great things.

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My New Year's Resolution

To blog more.


Happy 2010 to everyone!! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a wonderful&safe new year's celebration with friends and family!!!

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