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American Idol is back! Tomorrow will be the first of many auditions, followed by HOLLYWOOD WEEK and then the competition starts! I'm really hoping for a good year with outstanding talent!

I'm sure most of you remember my FANatic behavior towards Adam Lambert...I have still yet to buy his CD. I do not like the cover (I saw it tonight at Wal-Mart). Alexis said "They made him look like a girl!" She was right on! Ah..well, he has talent, I cannot deny that AND he has some strange taste! I haven't heard all the songs yet, I may like them.

So, I also hear Simon Cowell is leaving AI after this season...who knew he wanted to follow Paula Abdul so badly?? I am thinking AI will not do as great and will be coming to an end. I must say, even though I love the show...all good things must come to an end at some point, right??

I will not be giving my weekly updates/opinions on American Idol until the Top 10 (11, 12,13, ???) are revealed. But I will be watching and trying to see who my favorites will be this year!

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