My Mother

My Mother
by Danita McDonald

From the day you gave birth

Til today

I've always felt love.

It never failed,no matter the issue

You always had an answer

to look above.

Growing up I looked at you

And only saw strength

As time passes I see something more

Something more delicate.

At times we may not agree

or life gets in our way

but I know from experience

you will always be there.

I thank God

He chose you to be

My mother.


American Idol- The RAT Pack

Last night the top 5 American Idol contestants sang their hearts out in hopes of making it another round.

Who do you think will make it?


Kris, who sang an interesting version of "The Way You Look Tonight" , I thought was a bit overrated by the judges. I had to agree with Simon on this one..of course not completely in agreement with Simon because I didn't understand half of what he said, but you get my drift ; )


Allison sang ”Someone to Watch over Me” with her raspy voice, making it her own and sounding like a rockstar

and then

Matt belted out ”My Funny Valentine” while wearing his hat, sounding predictable to me, but still with a nice voice

surprised by

Danny who sang ”Come Rain or Come Shine” because I thought it was his best performance by far in the last few weeks, he really stepped it up

and of course saving the best for last

Adam had his moment singing ”Feeling Good". I could tell he is just letting it all soak in! & he deserves it!

I think Adam, Danny, Allison and Kris will stay.

Sorry Matt, even with this being "your" week, it was not good enough, the hat cannot save you any longer.


Time Capsule Tuesday #9

I know I am not the only one out there who loves to look at old photos and watch old videos. Thus Time Capsule Tuesday was born! Join in on the fun, & share your memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... Don't forget to link up!!

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This week I will share with you an embarrassing picture of myself! LOL Here I am the day before my 20th birthday and 1 week before giving birth to my first child. We did not know whether the baby was a boy or girl. My sister gave me a baby shower in Tucson so my friends and family could come. We were living in San Diego at the time. I did not tell my midwife that I was going out of town for fear she would tell me not to go to my own baby shower!!

My sister did an amazing job on my shower and it turned out wonderfully! Here I am with my cousin Jessica, while opening presents. We were so blessed! & with SO much green & yellow clothes! So much in fact that when I got pregnant with my 2nd child and found out she was a girl I went CRAZY PINK!!!!!!!!



Alicia tagged me, thank you!!

Here's the rules--mention the person that tagged you.
Complete the lists of 8's.
Tag 8 of your wonderful blogger friends.
Go tell them you tagged them!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Taking a vacation to disneyland with my whole family in July
2. Lily's 5th birthday & giving her presents to her & taking her to build-a-bear!
3. Finishing up these set of classes and on to the next.
4. Being credit card debt free!
5. Mother's Day, although I am not sure what the plans are.
6. Going swimming (again)
7. Moving
8. Josiah being fully potty trained

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Took a shower
2. Went to church
3. went to lunch at La Parilla Suiza
4. exchanged something at the mall
5. sang Happy Birthday to my niece and ate cake&ice cream
6. sat in the car while my dad drove the almost 2 hour drive home
7. finished homework that was due that day
8. checked emails/boards/blogs before heading to bed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. not worry about money
2. travel more often
3. have more time to do the things I want
4. buy a house
5. pay off all of my bills
6. visit my friends
7. go on a shopping spree
8. hire a maid and chef

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. House
3. Biggest Loser
4. Heroes
5. Gossip Girl
6. Big Brother
7. American Idol
8. Weeds

Look below to see who I tagged:)

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Random Picture Challenge

8th folder - July
25th picture
{if you don't have this far back pick the next closest year}
Picture of my darling Alexis when she turned 3 years old! Look how sweet she was!


Friday Fill-In

1. Apparently there's some sort of problem with having so much debt.

2. Today I went swimming because it was a sunny day.

3. 2009 has been interesting so far.

4. I loved you and that was it.

5. For too long I've been not eating healthy.

6. I am not obsessed with the internet; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to crawling into bed, tomorrow my plans include driving to Tucson and celebraiting my niece's 12th birthday and Sunday, I want to drive back home after church & finish my homeowrk!


Writer's Workshop-Book Review

This is my first time doing Writer's Workshop, hosted by the lovely MamaKat at Mama's Losin' It
If you have never checked out her blog, now is the time, she is HILARIOUS!!!
Now on to the work shop, each week she gives different prompts and it gives us something to write about! This week #1 stood out to me and since I have been meaning to do one of these for months I decided to start with this one!
#1 Book review!
Too perfect since I recently finished the book Escape.

This is an eye opening non-fiction book written wonderfully by Carolyn Jessop. This is her story. She was born into the FLDS and polygamist lifestyle. She writes about her life, her abuse, her giving birth to 8 children after marrying a man, many years older than her, as his 4th wife. After 17 years and 3 more wives she escapes with her children. It is actually a very disturbing book, to know there are actually people out there living there lives under such control and abuse. So many of the FLDS members are brainwashed, intimidated and isolated. As girls are being married off younger and younger it is shameful that more has not been done to save these children. Thankfully the FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs was imprisoned, but he still leads these people today from his cell.
I do not want to give a whole lot away in case you would like to read it, but I definitely recommend it.
I have enjoyed the show "Big Love" on HBO and I have to say the truth behind these books are so far from the show! The reality is truly frightening.


Stayin' Alive

That is what the American Idol contestants are trying to do! Stay in this competition and this sure is a tough one. I think the judges are correct in saying these are the most talented contestants! It's gonna get even tougher!

This week- DISCO WEEK!
I was not looking forward to this week as much since I can't say I am a big disco fan, but I REALLY enjoyed tonights performances (some more than others)!

Lil- To start the night off...I was disappointed, unimpressed and think Simon was right, she will be going home.

Kris- This kid is just too darn cute! and he did an amazing job on this song!

Danny- Great job! He is good at what he does, I just hope to see a little more from him in the coming weeks. I am getting a little bored.

Allison- FANtasTIC! What a way to change the song up, I am in awe at what she can do at 16!

Adam- I cannot help but smile when I hear him sing! He is awesome and I voted for him a gazillion times (thats alot!)

Paula is scaring me though, I think she is gonna be one of Adam's crazy stalkers.

Matt- he wore the hat. he disproved my theory. he was not good even with the hat. bad song choice, it sounded all over the place.

Anoop- I thought he did great, showed off his beautiful voice. not crazy about the arrangement at all! and who is dressing this kid?

Top 3 for me:

Bottom 3 predicitons:

MATT & LIL to go home...

Share your agreements or disagreements with me, I love to hear what everyone is thinking!

Time Capsule Tuesday #8

I know I am not the only one out there who loves to look at old photos and watch old videos. Thus Time Capsule Tuesday was born! Join in on the fun, & share your memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... Don't forget to link up!!

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This week we have the joy of embarassing my oldest daughter:

Lexi was 6 weeks old. She gained about 4-5 pounds since birth! She was my chunky monkey! She loved to eat. My mom calls this her cherub photo. I love it, so sweet! and now that she is getting older I can use it for bribing purposes HAHA


Random Picture Challenge

APRIL 2008


13th folder

42nd picture or 4th if you don't have that many

One year ago...the BIRTHDAY BOYS! Josiah was born on a good friend of ours' birthday! This was at Josiah's 2nd birthday party. Chuck E Cheese =] We had a blast!

& Happy Birthday to Jason!!! One year closer to the big 3-0!

(and i'm right behind you)


Mamarazzi's 3rd Favorite Thing Swap

I'm SO excited to be apart of the swap this time!
Check out the swap, hosted by Mamarazzi, by clicking the button below!
I cannot wait to pick out all my favorite things to send to one lucky person ; )


Our Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter/Resurrection Day with my parents by going to church, lunch at Olive Garden and then an Egg hunt in the front yard. We ended the day by watching Marley & Me..there were tears.

American Idol-Movie week!

This week on American Idol Quentin Tarantino was there to give advice...not sure why...but the theme this week was MOVIES! The seven finalists sang tonight and I must say it's gonna be hard to see anyone go this week!

Allison- Everyone seemed to love her and I thought she did good. not my best from her and I thought she had some mess ups. maybe i was the only one who caught them???

Anoop- WOW! I thought it was AWESOME! Way to go Anoop, he is really trying to stay in the competition!

Adam- What else can I say about this guy?? I LOVE him!

Matt- Did an alright job. last week's was much better. i'm actually starting to believe in my own hat theory.

Danny- Beautiful.

Kris- I really enjoyed it. i think Randy was being too harsh.

Lil- I thought it was good and I'm glad she stood up for herself, but i just dont know if she'll be around another week.

This weeks' Top 3 for me:
1. Adam
2. Danny
3. Kris

Bottom 3 predictions:
& Lil...goinghome???

What do you think??


What are you reading?

I am reading Escape. It's gone down a line of women I know and now it is my turn! I just started it, but from what I hear, I wont be reading it very long because I will not be able to put it down. Check it out, or if you have read it, let me know what you thought!
And please let me know what you are reading and maybe I will check it out next!


My baby boy turned three!!!

His PARTY on 4.4.09

His actual Bday 4.5.09

we topped the day off with some ice cream!


Before it gets too late!

I wanted to post my opinion of last nights AI!
Each contestant sang a song from the year they were born!

Danny- He sang Stand By Me, great job! Solid performance.

Kris- I was a bit disappointed. I think he did an OK job.

Lil- Very Karaoke to me. I think she made it her own only at the end. She is not listening to the judges and says the same thing EVERY week!

Scott- I thought it was alright, the beginning was better to me then the rest, but I don't think he has a voice. Compared to the others he is so not winning material, but I think he KNOWS that!

Anoop- Pretty good, liked it better then last week. It hought it was a strange song for him to sing, but he made it his own.

Allison- I loved it! She's awesome!

Matt- I'm SO glad he listened to me!!! Maybe he reads my blog ; ) He put the hat on and WOW what a difference, he did GREAT!!!! Looks much better too =]

Adam- Brilliant! I'm gonna be first in line to buy his record when he WINS AI!!!

Top 3 last night
1. Adam
2. Allison
3. Matt

Bottom 3 Predictions:
Scott & Scott going home! It should be no other way!


Time Capsule Tuesday #7

I know I am not the only one out there who loves to look at old photos and watch old videos. Thus Time Capsule Tuesday was born! Join in on the fun, & share your memories in photo form, video form or just write a story about it... Don't forget to link up!!
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Well...what should I post about today? I want to post about Jojo's party, but I will do that later since I need to search for something older. But keep a look out!

Here is Lily when she was about 18 months old. We were at my friend Terri's house, she was running a bath for her daughter. When she went to check on the water, Lily had climbed in with shirt & diaper LOL Apparently she wanted her bath! This is SO Lily! She hasnt changed a bit!


Friday Fill In

I'm very exciited about thiis weekend! Today we are spending the day wiith my nephews A&M, I have not seen them in over a year! They liive in Ohio wiith their mother and are spending the next week wiith their father (my brother) for Spriing Break! They are 10yo and 9yo. We are hopiing to go bowliing today and do lots of fun stuff! I really just cant wait to see them, I miight cry when I see how biig they've gotten : (
So, today I deciided to get back into Friday Fill-in I have been such a slacker blogger lately, I have just been super busy with siick kiids, school and liife. Doesnt look liike anythiing will be settliing down anytiime soon either.


1. Angel or not, I will always be loved by God.
2. I will be here for you any way you want me.
3. As my mother used to say, you're full of toxins. (LOL!!)
4. I'm SO hungry after I'm done working out or doing something strenuous.
5. Even in the most crowded of rooms I sometimes feel lonely.
6. Not one day is a day fraught with peril.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time with my nephews, tomorrow my plans include driving to Tucson and having a joint birthday party for Josiah and his cousin A and Sunday, I want to go to church and then finish my paper for my healthcare class!