Stayin' Alive

That is what the American Idol contestants are trying to do! Stay in this competition and this sure is a tough one. I think the judges are correct in saying these are the most talented contestants! It's gonna get even tougher!

This week- DISCO WEEK!
I was not looking forward to this week as much since I can't say I am a big disco fan, but I REALLY enjoyed tonights performances (some more than others)!

Lil- To start the night off...I was disappointed, unimpressed and think Simon was right, she will be going home.

Kris- This kid is just too darn cute! and he did an amazing job on this song!

Danny- Great job! He is good at what he does, I just hope to see a little more from him in the coming weeks. I am getting a little bored.

Allison- FANtasTIC! What a way to change the song up, I am in awe at what she can do at 16!

Adam- I cannot help but smile when I hear him sing! He is awesome and I voted for him a gazillion times (thats alot!)

Paula is scaring me though, I think she is gonna be one of Adam's crazy stalkers.

Matt- he wore the hat. he disproved my theory. he was not good even with the hat. bad song choice, it sounded all over the place.

Anoop- I thought he did great, showed off his beautiful voice. not crazy about the arrangement at all! and who is dressing this kid?

Top 3 for me:

Bottom 3 predicitons:

MATT & LIL to go home...

Share your agreements or disagreements with me, I love to hear what everyone is thinking!


  1. I agree with your bottom three! but my top three were Kris, Danny and Adam. I had a hard time listening to a 16 year old sing the lyrics to that song! Maybe it is my age, but it just seemed wrong. I think she is amazing at 16 but she is sounding more the same each week to me.

  2. I agree with your top and bottom picks. Lil is definitely going home. I'm not sure how America will feel about Matt and Anoop. They've both been in the bottom a few times. I'd rather Matt go home.

    Danny can sing, but man he's boring.

  3. I agree with who is going home but Adam ruined an AWESOME song. :(

  4. I really loved Adam and Kris.

    I agree, Danny is starting to get a bit boring but I still love him.

    I actually liked Matt, I liked seeing that different side of him.

    Kris AMAZED me with that arrangement