American Idol-Movie week!

This week on American Idol Quentin Tarantino was there to give advice...not sure why...but the theme this week was MOVIES! The seven finalists sang tonight and I must say it's gonna be hard to see anyone go this week!

Allison- Everyone seemed to love her and I thought she did good. not my best from her and I thought she had some mess ups. maybe i was the only one who caught them???

Anoop- WOW! I thought it was AWESOME! Way to go Anoop, he is really trying to stay in the competition!

Adam- What else can I say about this guy?? I LOVE him!

Matt- Did an alright job. last week's was much better. i'm actually starting to believe in my own hat theory.

Danny- Beautiful.

Kris- I really enjoyed it. i think Randy was being too harsh.

Lil- I thought it was good and I'm glad she stood up for herself, but i just dont know if she'll be around another week.

This weeks' Top 3 for me:
1. Adam
2. Danny
3. Kris

Bottom 3 predictions:
& Lil...goinghome???

What do you think??


  1. Same! I think Lil needs to go home.

  2. I'm surprised they saved Matt. Now two people have to go home and he'll probably be one of them.