Before it gets too late!

I wanted to post my opinion of last nights AI!
Each contestant sang a song from the year they were born!

Danny- He sang Stand By Me, great job! Solid performance.

Kris- I was a bit disappointed. I think he did an OK job.

Lil- Very Karaoke to me. I think she made it her own only at the end. She is not listening to the judges and says the same thing EVERY week!

Scott- I thought it was alright, the beginning was better to me then the rest, but I don't think he has a voice. Compared to the others he is so not winning material, but I think he KNOWS that!

Anoop- Pretty good, liked it better then last week. It hought it was a strange song for him to sing, but he made it his own.

Allison- I loved it! She's awesome!

Matt- I'm SO glad he listened to me!!! Maybe he reads my blog ; ) He put the hat on and WOW what a difference, he did GREAT!!!! Looks much better too =]

Adam- Brilliant! I'm gonna be first in line to buy his record when he WINS AI!!!

Top 3 last night
1. Adam
2. Allison
3. Matt

Bottom 3 Predictions:
Scott & Scott going home! It should be no other way!


  1. I agree with your picks...I think it will be either Scott or Lil going home tonight.

  2. totally agree, except I did not like Adams song....think it's my age! :)

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  4. They will end up saving Lil. She's not listening and doesn't seem to care.

    I'm slowly becoming an Adam fan, but Kris is my fave.