American Idol- The RAT Pack

Last night the top 5 American Idol contestants sang their hearts out in hopes of making it another round.

Who do you think will make it?


Kris, who sang an interesting version of "The Way You Look Tonight" , I thought was a bit overrated by the judges. I had to agree with Simon on this one..of course not completely in agreement with Simon because I didn't understand half of what he said, but you get my drift ; )


Allison sang ”Someone to Watch over Me” with her raspy voice, making it her own and sounding like a rockstar

and then

Matt belted out ”My Funny Valentine” while wearing his hat, sounding predictable to me, but still with a nice voice

surprised by

Danny who sang ”Come Rain or Come Shine” because I thought it was his best performance by far in the last few weeks, he really stepped it up

and of course saving the best for last

Adam had his moment singing ”Feeling Good". I could tell he is just letting it all soak in! & he deserves it!

I think Adam, Danny, Allison and Kris will stay.

Sorry Matt, even with this being "your" week, it was not good enough, the hat cannot save you any longer.


  1. I didn't think matt did that well. I agreed with Randy that he was pitchy! I think he will go tonight.

    Danny was the best for me....loved him tonight!!!

    I still don't get Adam and to me he is just to showy, but I know most people like him.

  2. Danny and Adam were the best by a mile. I think Matt should go home. I'm anxious to see what happens.

  3. It's between Alison or Matt tonight.
    Danny and Adam....WHHHAAAT?? (as Randy would say!)

  4. I was also gonna say...we have our final 2 folks!!! ;-)

  5. LMAO the hat can save you no longer. Too funny!

  6. I loved loved loved last night!