Happiest Place on Earth

Guess where we'll be 1 week from today?

You guessed it!
We are so excited...one of my bestest of friends invited us to go along with them to celebrate their son's 7th Birthday! I could not pass up the offer!
1. I don't know when I will be able to see her or her family again.
2. I get to meet her new baby girl!
3. It's DISNEYLAND!! Hello?!?!?
I am a teensy bit bummed that my husband will have to miss this trip, but he is excited for us and wants me to take lots of pictures (of course I will!!!)
I am in MUCH need of a vacation! I will take this time to enjoy my friends and my children. I could not be happier! I will post about our experience with MANY pictures!!!

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  1. Have fun! Im so jealous! We went last yr to Disney World and it was wonderful!

  2. How exciting!! Have fun and say hi to Mickey for me :)

  3. Well, color me green--it's been ages since we've been to Disney! How fun! Enjoy your trip & be sure to take lots o' pics.