Writer's Workshop: I couldn't pick just one!

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I'm going to try Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.
We are asked to choose a prompt & post it on our blog.
The Prompts I chose:

2.) Explain a time there was an emergency. What “mode” did you go into? Freaking out, calm and collected, etc.
The biggest emergencies I have faced were results of something my daughter Lily has done.
Stitches twice and a concussion scare.
I'd have to say the first time I was a wreck. She was 2 years old and broke her sister's porcelain tea set. She cut her knee. I had to call Joey at work to come and take her (we only had 1 car at the time, Josiah was only about 5 months old and school was about to be out for kindergartener Alexis). Luckily Joey arrived within 10 minutes and took her in. It was very hard for me not to go with her.
The concussion scare was not too much later. She was standing in a wagon and Alexis pulled it. She fell onto concrete, with her head. She was acting very strange so we decided it was better to take her in and be safe. I tried to keep her awake, but she was pretty lathergic and passed out before we got to the hospital. I was scared, but I was on a mission to get her to the dr. They did not waste any time and got her in the back. They poked and prodded her and right before the doctor was about to try a more evasive technique she woke right up. It did not take long for her to be back to normal. But she sure gave us a scare.
The last emergency was December 25, 2008. Lily was playing on my mom's exercise bike. A bolt cover had been missing. As she was playing on it, she slipped and the bolt caught her leg. She was wearing tights and it still got in her. I was very calm and collected. We got her to urgent care ASAP and she got 6 stitches. Not a fun way to spend Christmas Day. She sure loved all the attention she got afterwards though!

4.) Write a poem about a moment you would like to relive.
A life inside
What a joyful ride
The first time I wanted to cry
A feeling, the flutter of a butterfly
Nothing can compare
Even those times I was scared
What a privilege
To help bring you into this world
A feeling like no other
To become a mother.

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  1. Oh goodness, Lily is an adventurer!!! You do sound very calm though and she is lucky to have you!! Visiting from mama kats!

  2. My kids getting hurt like that would definitely freak me out (if I had kids)! Glad to hear she recovered fairly quickly.

    Nice poem too--I tried that but gave up, just couldn't come up with one.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I did the freaking out prompt too.

  3. Great job on that poem...it's wonderful!

    **visiting from mama kat's**

  4. 6 stitches! Worst we've had was Dermabond, but #1 did break his leg when he was 2 and a toe last year. Funny thing is that he's the least daring of all of them! Guess he's also the least coordinated!

  5. hello to fellow milspouse in mama kat's writing workshop! concussions are scary - so glad you brought her in - i would have been a wreck (and i've had a concussion or two in my life.)

  6. No. 2 was mine. Thanks for picking it. I think it is way easier to be calm when you are the one that is hands on dealing with the emergency. Being separated and not knowing just lets your mind go kind of crazy.

  7. So glad she was okay for all 3 incidents. I really like your poem.

  8. stopping by from Mamakat's place.. Love the poem.. umm let me see as a mom of 3 boys I quit counting on how many hospital visits we have had and stitches.. though the youngest has had themost lol