Found My Happy Pace

Last Saturday I ran my fist 5k.
I signed up online with the Mermaid Run. It was their first ever run in San Diego. When I signed up I had decided to train hard since I really am not much of a runner..I like to do Jazzercise & the elliptical. I loathe the treadmill. BUT I cannot go to jazzercise classes or to a gym right now because it is hard to go anywhere with 3 kids plus the cost. I figured this would be a good way to get motivated about running.
I had 3-4 weeks to get ready...
and then it began to rain.
It rarely rains in San Diego, but as soon as I decided to start running, rain decided to make its appearance for 2 weeks straight !!! & being as busy as I am, when it was not raining I had plans or something would come up. Needless to say I did not get in as much training as I would have liked. I even contimplated bowing out of the race. BUT I paid my dues so I went.
I ran.
I did not stop running the whole time. & I may have come in close to last at 39 min 14 sec for 3.1 miles, but I DID IT!!!
My inspiration was my sister, who ran 10 miles for her first ever race. I kept teling myself, my sister did 10-I can do 3!!
& I actually enjoyed it!
I'm already planning to do a 10k next month & I hope to run with my sister soon. She lives in another state, but we'll figure it out!

BEFORE the run with a friend who ran with me (her 1st run too) AFTER the run

The shirt I got-says Find Your Happy Pace
The necklace they handed to eveyone who crossed the finish line...says Mermaid Athlete
After the race I asked my friend "So are we classified as runners now?"

She said "I think so!"

What do you think??

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  1. That shirt was cute enough to enter the race. Great job! I can't even think about running/walking a 5k right now, let alone running the whole thing. I'm so proud of you!

  2. I am SO SO SO proud of you! :D
    But you already knew that!
    What is the 10k for?

    LOVE what the shirt says!!!!

  3. WhooooHooooo! That is so awesome!! I'm so proud of you!! That's it, I'm going to get back on that treadmill right now LOL!

    I get short of break just walking my dogs.. LMAO!