2004 was a good year...

that's when my baby girl Lily was born. She brightened my world and we have never been the same since! We had to celebrate her 5 wonderful years this past Thursday, and she told me "I'm having SO much fun today, Mommy!" Made me so happy to make her happy!

We started off the day with taking her to pre-school, and taking cupcakes into her class.

When I picked her up shegot to pick lunch and she decided on Apple Dumpling Cafe. It is a little cafe down the street from our house that has sandwiches and other yummy foods.

Next we went to Glitter Box and got her hair done, she got to pick a purse and 2 items. She chose body glitter and lip gloss, of course!

Next up, was some shopping! We picked up a few things at The Children's Place and The Disney Store

On the way to pick up Lexi from the bust stop, she had to take a much needed nap!

Back to the mall, for some more shopping! & Build-A-Bear! This was our 1st time ever! She had a blast!

She chose Red Lobster for dinner because she wanted crab legs! & she ate every bit of them!
She could not wait to open her presents!

She got a card of $$$ from Nana & Poppa, & could not be more pleased!

Mommy & daddy got her some toys, jewelry & clothes!

And here's just a few more pics cause she's so cute!


  1. She is absolutely Beautiful!!

  2. WHAT A FUN FUN day!!!
    LOVED all the pictures!

  3. You look great in pink.

    Glad she had a great birthday.