A "Wagie Ride" for Tuesday

If you are not familiar with Tuesday Whitt's story, check out her story here. I was struck with grief after coming across Jessica Kate's blog and just a few short days later Tuesday Whitt passed on to be with Jesus. As a tribute to her, the family is having a memorial celebration held at a local equestrian center. The family is encouraging everyone to come on bikes and in wagons because "wagie rides" were one of Tuesday's favorite things to do. Since we can not all be there MWOB and Em devised a plan of a virtual "Wagie Ride".

So join in on the virtual parade!


  1. Such a sad sad thing. Did you see the video of her dancing? Nearly broke my hear!

  2. Wow - I also have to say I also have two girls 6 1/2 and 4 1/2 and a little boy 1 1/2. And I think I know someone from Queen Creek - I grew up in Phoenix. So thanks for following MWOB - hope it'll be a fun ride... :-)

  3. Maybe my first comment didn't register - which is I am glad you are helping to spread the word for the wagie parade - the Whitt Family are incredible people. Thank you....