UPdate TimE!

I thought I would share an update on us! I haven't divulged much information on us in the last few weeks. We are just not very exciting people I guess! HAHA I will start of with Josiah (aka Jojo). Our little man will be three this coming April. He is such a momma's boy & I love every minute of it! I have been potty training him the last few weeks...not too intensely, but over the weekend we had a real break through! & today we had NO #1 accidents ALL day!!! I am so proud of him! #2 is another story and I shall not share details...to spare you. what I wish I would have been spared today! Here he is in his little boxer briefs that I think are the most adorable thing!!! He truly is not our "baby" anymore.
Liliana (aka Lily) has been enjoying her 3 day/wk preschool. She is super excited every morning when she gets to go to school! I can already tell a difference in her as far as wanting to learn and knowing her letters and numbers! She will surely be ready for Kindergarten this coming fall! She is still into everything. She needs to be kept busy at all times otherwise you will find her in my make-up, in the cupboards or finding ANYTHING to destroy! She is a challenge, & her
smile lets her get away with TOO much!
Alexis (aka Lexi) is in 2nd grade and enjoying being back at her "old" school. Although she says she is not as popular here as she was in TN. My, my..already with the POPULAR stuff in 2nd grade?! She does however spend her recess chasing a certain boy...hmmm? Thankfully she is not all about friends and is doing VERY well in academics. She came home with an Accelerated Reader Award today and she got a 90% on her Accelerated Math test. We are so proud of our smart girl (she takes after her mama)She has had straight A's since Kindergarten!!
Joseph (aka joey) is still in Tennessee. He is bored to tears with the family gone, but excited to be transferring back to San Diego this summer. (as we all are) He will finally, after 10 years, get to do what he joined the Navy for(welding). We sure do miss him!
I am plugging away..being a mom, a student, a woman (which i sometimes forget). I am very proud of myself. I am in my 2nd block of classes. The 1st block (2 classes/9weeks) I recieved 2 A's and so far this block I have a 97% in my critical thinking class and a 100% in my science class! I still cannot believe it! We are in week 6..so wish me luck cause I really want to keep that 100%! Of course I could go on and on about myself, but I have some homework to do and I have to get up early to get the girls to school! Thanks for reading if you got this far! God bless!


  1. Thanks for all the updates! We sure do miss you all. Congrats on the schooling and for Joey.

  2. Cute update ;-) I'm glad you are doing so well in school! Kuddos!! And LOL about Lexi and the whole "popular" thing...UGH...why why why do they gotta go through all that!

  3. Its nice to hear the updates. And yay for Joey after 10 years finally doing the job he wanted!

  4. Thanks for the updates! JoJo is too cute with his briefs on! That will be some good blackmail someday lol!

  5. Loved the update!
    We were giggling at Lexi. :)