B-A-G to the T-A-G

Tiff from The Music of our Lives bag tagged me! So here we go...I know you were all wondering what is inside my bag. It's like a buried treasure in there, right? no...not really.
So, this is the Vera Bradley purse my lovely parents gave me for Christmas and have been carrying it around ever since! It goes with EVERYTHING! Totally Awesome!

Now for the inside contents...
*my wallet (i need a new one BAD)
*daily planner (that i rarely look at)
*josiah's immunization record (been too lazy to put it away)
*2 Valentines Lily recieved
*my car keys
*house key
*2 pens
*1 piece of candy
*1 earring (where'd the other one go??)
*Lily's necklace
*Alexis' hairbrush
*and couple receipts/trash
& i actually had a pair of shorts for jojo but he took them out this morning.
& i had lipstck & chapstick...better go search Lily for those!
I'm gonna bag tag these lucky ladies:


  1. HAHA! I just love these! I have seen alot of what is in peoples bags lately and it CRACKS me up!
    I LOVE your bag by the way - SO cute!!!

  2. Now this sounds like fun! I will do it tonight sicne my camera is at home! Your bag is too cute!

  3. Welcome to SITS! I'm with the welcome wagon and we're so glad you joined us. You will LOVE it! So, welcome, welcome, welcome--I'm glad to meet a new SITSta.:)
    Wow, I would NOT want to open up my diaper bag and take a pic. Yikes! Your bag is A-Dorable!!:)

  4. welcome to SITS!!
    cute purse.
    scary what could be inside of mine

  5. I would be too embarrassed to reveal the contents of my purse--- lots of junk in there!

    Welcome to SITS!

  6. I love seeing inside people's bags. And you have barely anything in yours! Mine is a huge mess of all kinds of junk!

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member since last summer, and I love it. I've read so many fun blogs, met some amazing woman, and really enjoyed the support of being in a female blogging community. Welcome aboard!

  7. This is cool! I will do this even though you didn't tag me :) Ha ha

  8. Nevermind LOL Adie tagged. BTW I gave you an award check it out

  9. Like most others, I am loving your bag. It fits all of your essentials...especially things like Valentine's.

    Super cute! :)


  10. It might take me a few days but I will do this! Thanks for the tag! and cute purse!

  11. Love the bag!

    Just stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

  12. Oooooooooo love the bag!! Soooo pretty! I can never find the perfect purse!

  13. You have a beautiful bag. So colorful!
    Thanks for the tag. I love things like this! :)

  14. Oh I love seeing what's in people's bags! I have the same stuff in mine. Ha ha! The bag of a mom. And your bag is beautiful. I so want a Vera bag....maybe some day.

    Your blog has won an award my dear! Check out my blog for the details!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. :) Your bag is so pretty!

  16. Welcome to SITS! your bag is so cute! I hear ya about searching little hands for chapstick that's supposed to be in your purse!!! lol