A little addicted to ETSY...

If you havent heard of Etsy yet, I suggest you get out from under the rock your hiding under! It is THE place to buy & sell all your handmade items. Last week I kinda went on a shopping spree...I went to see what I could find for Jojo for his birthday. I have gotten him an embroidered shirt every year for his birthday...so I went just to see what I could purchase down the line, since his birthday is in April. Well a few HOURS later I had purchased 3 new outfits for my little man! oops..shhhh...it's our little secret...
& to my surprise I recieved all the packages today courtesy USPS! I love opening up mail, especially new clothing items! These are my purchases:
From The Polka Dot Tot Spot, the applique was hand cut, applied with fusable webbing and machine sewn onto a soft 100% cotton tshirt. the number 3 for my BIG THREE YEAR OLD!
From Kiddy Up, I got this adorable Executive construction outfit! He'll be stylin while playing with his tools ;)
& I could not pass up this Amy Butler Oxford Stripe Lime Outfit, with his initial on it. I love this store Trendy Sisters!

And to top it all off, I recieved a 4th package today! Remember the giveaway I won?? this is it: a sign that says All My Love...All My Life
I love it & cannot wait to hang it in my house. Thank you Ang for hosting such a great giveaway!


  1. Those outfits are just tooo cute!

    Love the sign!

  2. Oh man, nothing like a bit of retail therapy from your home to make a girl smile!

    My little guy is 3 in June and is a tool maniac! Comes second only to his fascination with musical instruments!

  3. You are spending way too much time on the computer.. LMAO!
    Step Away..Just.Step.A.Way... AHAHAHA! :D

  4. Love the outfit with the J on it! Too cute!
    LOL'ing at Terri's comment! I need the same advice!!

  5. (here from BSU) Cute outfits!

    I have to stay away from those Etsy shops or my dh is going to kill me! LOL! My recent purchases were personalized note cards and an adorable signed and numbered print.

  6. Etsy is seriously where all good things come from. A very good friend of mine sells hairclips for girls there. Once she introduced me to it, that was it. My love affair was sealed.

    Darling Etsy finds for your boy. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Over from SITS! I love ETSY too. I have ordered a few things from their site - and have loved every bit!

  8. Your header looks good!
    Love that last outfit. :)