I wanna be special...

I've never been much of a writer and I don't think I am very insightful. But I decided to start a blog anyways. Now you must endure the writings of a nonwriter.
I like to write and have even dabbled in writing poems for awhile. I've never shared them. I have never thought they were good enough. I never felt I was the best at anything. I always felt average. I graduated highschool with an average GPA and I never finished college. I always felt average looking, I am average height. I couldn't play the violin THAT well. I cannot sing like Whitney or Celine(no matter how hard I try). Nothing too special about me.
I went straight from being a young immature girl to being a Navy wife and mother, all in less than a year's time. I cannot say there weren't struggles but I have loved my life. I was blessed with three beautiful children on Earth and a baby in Heaven, that I lost at 12 weeks pregnant. Not many women get the privilege of staying home with their children, I have.
I really do know how fortunate I have been in my life, I have been shielded from so much pain and hurt many others have to deal with. I have to credit that to a praying mother.
I think as women we go through more inner struggles than anything. you're not good enough, someone will always do it better. But I have learned that I am special because I am a mother. No one can love or be a mother to my children better than I can. No matter how much you yell or tell them no, they want you there when they get a booboo or have a nightmare. Unconditional love is what you get from your babies. So I can proudly say I am special and so is each and every mother out there. No one is a better mother to your own children. No one. If you are unsure...just ask them.


  1. You wrote that wonderfully!
    I admire the fact that you get to stay home with your children I hope the day I have kids that I can do the same.

  2. Very well put! Kuddos! And you ARE special ;-)