Lovely, Sneaky, New & D.Lightful!!

Thank you Mrs. D.Lightful for the Cute Blog Award! I have to say yours is quite cute itself! Go check her out! She also has some great recipes!

......And the award goes to......

Sneaky Mama- She has shared wonderful stories & every Tuesday gives great beginner blogging tips!

Sneaky Momma

Two of a Kind-Such a cute blog with great giveaways & of course "Totally Talented Tuesday"!

Peace, Love & Applesauce- Cute Cuteness beaming from this blog! My good friend Terri has something up her sleeve, so keep an eye out!

New State-New Journey- Cute..is anybody else getting tired of this word?? Well it is CUTE! So go check her out, all about her new adventures since moving across country!

Ramblings of My Life- How could this get any cuter, since I did make her blog background ;)


  1. awwwww why thanks!!! And can't hear enough of the word cute when I'M included...hehe

  2. Thanks so much, Danita! I really appreciate it! :)

  3. Thank you!!! I'll get it up soon!