Time Capsule Tuesday #6

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This week I'd like to reminisce about the birth of my baby boy....

On Tuesday April 4th, 2006 I had my 39-week check up. I had NO change at all ( I had been 3cm dilated for a couple weeks) which was so disappointing, but my blood pressure was on the high side. Since I have a history of toxemia my doctor was concerned and wanted me to go to the hospital to get checked for a couple hours. He said if it doesn't get better then I will be induced. I told him I was definitely ready so he said he'll do what he can do get me induced. So we dropped the girls off with my friend, Terri, and off to the hospital. I tried not to get my hopes up too much. When I got checked in at the hospital at about 4 my blood pressure kept going up and down for a couple hours. They said this was a bigger concern cause it can cause seizures so they wanted to keep me overnight and induce at 6 in the morning. YAY! The only problem was I hadn't eaten since lunchtime and they wanted to put me on magnesium, meaning I could not eat or drink anything except ice chips. I was starving! We did get an ultrasound to make sure baby boy was handling it well and we then got the CONFIRMATION that he was NO DOUBT a boy!
So I get all set up in my room by 8pm not knowing how I will make it through the night and through labor the next day without any drink or food. The magnesium made me feel awful so I just tried to sleep to get through it. I remember waking up at 11pm with a contraction...and they kept coming...I went into labor all by myself!! By 2am I got my epidural. I was feeling so out of it from the magnesium (I hate that stuff) and nauseous from this stuff they made me drink. I ended up throwing up twice. At around 8am they came to check me and break my water. I was 8cm dilated and decided to wait to break my water until my doctor came because they didn’t think it would be long afterwards. So he came broke my water and said it was time to start pushing. My contractions were only coming every 5-7 minutes though so I had to wait that long between pushing. It was so weird. Plus I felt like I couldn't breath so I had the oxygen mask on me to help. Well after 30 minutes of pushing, at 9:51am on Wednesday April 5th, 2006 my little Josiah Allen was born. 7lb 8oz 20 inches. Perfect as can be with blue eyes. I was in love instantly!

Now in just a few days he will be 3 years old!


  1. Hes too cute. he has gotten soo big!

    thanks for hosting this... love it!

  2. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!
    It's just so hard to believe they ever even looked like that!

  3. Ooooh, what a precious little baby! Almost makes me have one of my own. =D Key word : almost. LOL