I know ya'll are just dying to know....

My OPINION on this week's AMERICAN IDOL!
This weeks theme: Popular Itune Downloads.
this leaves quite the variety..which leads me to wonder why some of the contestants chose their song???
Anoop- disappointing. after 2 good weeks I thought this was not so good. Usher does a much better version.
Megan- oh dear. I hope she's able to stick around so I can see her sit on the stool and not dance like a chicken...but the outcome looks grim.
Danny- sweet. made me teary eyes knowing his wife died not long ago...and singing this song. it was beautiful.
Scott- confused. why o why do the judges compliment him? he cannot sing. it was not good.
Allison- rockin. I thought it was great. no complaints for her. and the outfit might not have been great, but i did not consider it distracting. she is 16!! at least she wasnt dressing like a 40yo!
Matt- bummer. i think he needs to find his niche. he's on his way there. he is super talented and dont you agree he needs to keep the hat on???
Lil- I dont want to say much, it's not like she listens anyways! how many times do they have to say MARY J BLIGE?? Celine dion's R&B?? I think NOT!
Adam- hmmm. we all know I'm a huge Adam fan. just not this song. if it's on his CD I will happily skip that track.
Kris- best. of. the. night.
My top 3 this week
1. Kris
2. Danny
3. Allison
Bottom 3
3. Anoop
2. Megan
1. Scott..I think his time is up, let's hope America agrees with me!
Let me know what you think!


  1. I agree with you. Scott seems like a nice guy but he has never had a voice even close to the other contestants. Anoop...not so much anymore. And Megan...be done with it already.

  2. I agree with you for the most part. I didn't get to watch it all - just all the snipets at the end. It sounded like Allison didn't sound too great, but maybe I was wrong.
    And yes...Matt - put the hat on!

  3. I LOVED Kris last night!!!
    The best of the night!

    Allison sounded GREAT!

    Poor Scott! Why was the hair BIGGER now?
    I thought he sang it well but he does not have the pipes the other contestants have.

  4. I can agree with all except Allison, I really did not like her.

    I voted like crazy for Danny and Adam

  5. I liked Adam during Motown week, but not this week. Kris is my favorite!!!

    Thank God Megan is gone.