That time again...

I know it's kinda late, but here's my American Idol recap & OPINION take it or leave...what ever its worth...

Matt- Great song, so glad he got off the piano! I enjoyed it and hope he's around for awhile!

Kris- I just have to say he is such a cutie. He looks like a little boy. and i think he did great, i could totally hear that song on the radio playin!

Scott- Not feelin it this week, he sounds a bit nasaly. not loving the pink pants.

Megan- not great, it was a bit too fast for her. i think she did ok, but I agree with the judges.

Anoop- Very pretty! Go Anoop...and boo Randy for telling him to get a fast tempo'd song next week. ugh.

Michael- well he loves to remind me every week how much i dislike him and i am THRILLED the judges finally agree!! HAHA

Lil- Totally wrong song! I hope she stays, but the song was verging on screaming and she didnt even look like she was having fun.

Adam- Still lovin Adam! he knows how to bring it!

Danny- Not his best, but still strong and I still really like him! He's not going anywhere!

Allison- GREAT!!! Still do not know how she made it in the bottom 3 last week, but she is awesome with a great set of vocals! I love her!

My Top 3

Bottom 3

Please send Michael home!!!!!!!! Dont torture us one more week!


  1. I am with you on Michael...however I didnt get to watch it. I really dont care for Michael all that well. Thanks for the update.

  2. I wouldn't be upset to see Megan or Michael go home. This is the first week that Adam impressed me.

    I'm still loving Anoop, Allison and Kris.