American Idol Show Recap

Grand Ole Opry week...i was a little worried baout this week since there really aren't any country singers this year, however I was pleasantly surprised. EXCEPT for you know who...

1. Michael- YUCK.Boring.GO home!!!

2. Allison- I thought she did good, not her best, but I think she could sing anything and make it her own.

3. Kris Allen- Beautiful! I really loved his version.

4. Lil- I think they gave her a harder time than she deserved. I liked hearing her voice and it not be the all R&B. I think she did great!

5. Adam- it was rather strange...but strange enough for me to actually kinda like it...i think..hmmm?

6.Scott- I thought he was kinda off this week. The judges were correct that he needed to step it up.

7.Alexis- I thought it was good, not great. I like that song!

8. Danny- Totally agree with Simon-NOT diggin the jacket thing LOL First part was not so good, 2nd part AMAZING!

9.Anoop- Great job Anoop! He definitely made up for last week!

10.Megan- She did good, I think she did great for being sick. I thought some notes were off, but I do like her voice.

11. Matt-Great job!! Great musician & a great voice!

Top 3 this week:

Bottom 3 this week:
Adam (sorry, i still love him!)

My prediction on who's going home?


  1. I agree that Michael NEEDS to go home!
    (or Adam) ;o)

  2. Yup, I think Micheal will be going home. I though Megan did good to considereing she had the flu!

  3. Oh my goodness! I just remembered I recorded it last night. I was watching The Biggest Loser instead. Now I need to go watch it! ☺

  4. Ill be watching it later tonight!

  5. Whoohoo, thanks for the update! We`re up to Hollywood week, so we`re catching up!

  6. I SOOOO wish your prediction was right! WAHHHHHH!
    In my book Adam needs to do some serious redeeming of himself!