AI, mall trips & more!

OK...so aparently there was no voting tonight! That's what happens when you do not fully pay attention. I am so excited for the FINAL 13 on American Idol, even if there were a few I would not have chosen. We'll see who has what it takes in the next 13 weeks!

Just a glimpse into a simple shopping trip...
I went to the mall today because I have been having issues with my skin and I wanted to get some good facial cleanser and moisturizer. I cannot walk around looking like this for too long, something HAD TO BE DONE! So, we drive to the mall (me & 3 kids), which first of all was nice since my passenger side window is broken and will not go up. It fell all the way down into the door. real classy, let me tell ya! So with the breeze in my hair we get to the mall. So now I not only have a messed up face but a crazy hair do as well.
I get to the counter and wait for a sales lady. She comes up to me speaking in Spanish. WHAT? I speak english! Grant it, this has happened to me before & she was a sweet lady. We are in the middle of my make-over when Jojo decided he has to use the restroom. *sigh* So all 4 of us rush to the nearest bathroom. We get back and try to finish up the purchase while 3 kids are running around, trying on hats and going into the lingerie department. For some reason jojo liked to run through the bras...
So I get out of there spending way too much, but what is the price of a clear complexion anyways??
Lexi talked me into getting Dairy Queen and somehow I scarf down a small snickers blizzard. (and I wonder why i'm having skin issues?) I let the kids play a bit in the play area before heading back to the car. Of course there is a Payless Shoes store on the way so I HAVE to stop & look. Lily finds some black high heels that she must have. I say no because she does not need black high heels with SUMMER coming & I had just bought her some new sandles.
She proceeds to THROW her new sandles across the aisle. Hmmmm....there was crying and screaming ALL the way to the car, not just Lily, by this time Jojo chimed in because...well I have no clue why, but he did not make the walk back to the car easy. ( I do not have a stroller). LUCKILY no one stole my car and within 10 minutes of driving the screaming had subsided and I think I had regained my sanity.

I would say thank God for the weekend, but I don't get those.

1. Holding the door open for some people was my last random act of kindness.

2. Another place to visit is Gulfshores,AL.

3. I'm often confused in matters of the heart.

4. Coffee, tea or water.

5. Sometimes it is better to take separate paths.

6. Our love reminds me that there is hope.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having a quiet evening, tomorrow my plans include finishing my finals and Sunday, I want to go to church!


  1. What a crazy mall trip. I guess times like that really make us appreciate the rare occassion we can go shopping alone!

  2. LOL!
    I know it was no fun but I LOVED the read!
    It is SO much easier when you can tie them down to strollers!!!

    And the lady speaking Spanish to you cracks me up...that never happens to me. ;o)

  3. This totally sounds like many of the trips I have taken with my small children to the mall and department stores. Oh the joys of having kids!

  4. OH man! I was tired just reading that! LOL! Glad you got your stuff, but you definitely had to "work" for it!! LOL!
    I was crackin up about your "classy" while driving your car and your windblown hair..hahahahaa!! Fun visual!
    thanks for the read, it was great!
    Kids make life SO entertaining - don't they? Well on blogs anyways hehe
    oh yeah..what stuff did you end up getting?

  5. Im with Jen, I am tired just reading that. Get some rest girly!