My American Idol Recap

yup.just an opinion.
Top 13 performed tonight! Overall I thought it was a great night!! REALLY AWESOME performances for the 1st night. Each contestant had to perform a Michael Jackson song. Which in my opinion is a difficult task to pull off!
My rundown...
1. Lil Rounds- from Memphis, mom of 3..right there she has me, but the vocals to back it up!! WHOA! Great night for her. Her outfit..not so much...Lexi & I both agreed, the shirt wasnt SO bad, but we would not wear it!
2. Scott MacIntyre-from Phoenix! he's got us on his team & the whole city, you should see the news stations really advertising him! I think he did great and he does such an amazing job on the piano. So talented.
3. Danny Gokey- LOVE him! since the beginning. I really enjoyed his performance!
4. Michael Sarver- blah. thought his performance was weak. He did not change my mind,
I still dont like him.
5. Jasmine Murray- I think she picked the right song, but thought she sang it rather weak. I think she can do better.
6. Kris Allen- I really like him. I think he did good, but not the best out of the group.
7. Allison Iraheta- For 16 yrs old she is AMAZING!! Love her voice, I thought she did spectacular ; )
8. Anoop Desai- I agrree with the judges, he didnt make it his own, so it was a bit Karaoke...however I don't think it was AS bad as they made it sound!
9. Jorge Nunez- I actually liked it and didnt think it was as bad as the judges said, but then again it could that I just LOVE that song!
10. Megan Joy- haha i never realized that was her last name! anyways...I thought the song was a weird choice but I think it went good with her voice. I cannot stand the way she moves/dances, but I would like to see what else she can do with her voice.
11. Adam Lambert- LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! he is great! I would totally buy his cd right now!
12. Matt Giraud- He did wonderful! I love his voice and who can resist the piano playing ; )
13. Alexis Grace- Well 1st off she has my daughters name so she gets my vote, she is from Memphis also! Too cool! Great big voice coming outta that little body! Very nice job tonight!
My Bottom 3:
and since 2 are going home this week I really hope Michael goes, but there isnt anyone else I really want to see gone. I wonder what the surprise will be, anyone have any ideas???
Let me know what you think...agree? disagree??


  1. I love American Idol! I have watched every show of every season. It started here last week but we have 2 hours on Wednesdays and 2 hours on Thursdays. So by the time you guys have the final, we are literally a week behind.

    Is Danny the one who lost his wife? We love him!

    I look forward to more updates.

  2. Am going to have to studiously avoid your AI posts as this season has only just started here last week....just so you know I aint ignoring you!!

  3. I love Scott, Danny, and Jasmine. They are my favs. I really like Anoop but I agree with his performance...it wasnt that great last night. Cant wait till tonight to see which 2 go!

  4. We are not on the same page at all! I don't love Michael, but think last night was his best night by far. I love Anoop! I've always loved Lil Rounds, but something was lacking last night. The girl can sing her butt off, but that was the wrong song. I do love Matt though.

    I think Megan and Jasmine will go home. I like Jasmine. She is beautiful and can sing, but something about her was forgettable.

  5. PS - How did you get your button with the coding at the top of your page? I have a button to put on mine.


  6. Adam Lambert - NOOOOOO!!!!
    I'd say I was not happy with most of them tonight.
    It must be because no one can out do Michael Jackson.
    I did enjoy Scott and Giraud.

  7. I am posting your button on my blog. I would love to have a button of my own. Did you do it yourself or pay someone?

  8. We don't get the AI station anymore since we switched to that digital box thing. I miss watching.

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  9. I love Adam and Danny. I like Michael .. he wasnt great last night but I liked him

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