36 weeks seems far away...

& that is a good thing!! I need all the time I can get. 
This week was not as productive as I would have liked. I had a weak moment (or 2 or 6). I seemed to have forgotten by dinner time that I was trying to eat healthy and ate Mexican food almost EVERY night! But I'm hoping after this week I got it out of my system. I do know I eat much healthier when I am prepared, so I need to go grocery shopping and stop eating out. Prepare my food in advance and then I won't have too many slip ups!
I heart chips&salsa
My  goals for last week:
  •  Eat within my calorie range: I went over my calorie range every day, except one day
  • Jazzercise 3x/wk: I made it twice...but I had a good reason to miss Friday's class!
  • Run 1 mile: I did it! It took me until Saturday, but I did it! I ran 0.7 miles non-stop, but I was getting shin splints really bad, so I had to stop and just walk for a little while. Then I ran again and I am sure I ran more than 1 mile. Total I did 2.5 miles of running/walking! A far cry from 13.1 miles, but it is a start! I know next week I will do even better!
Goals for next week:
  • Eat within calorie range & actually count ALL my calories :)
  • Grocery shop & pack my lunch if I am out
  • Jazzercise 3x/wk
  • Run 2 miles without stopping

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  1. Good Luck!
    I do not think I could run if my life depended on it!