37 week until 1/2 Marathon

This past week I tried to start training for the 1/2 marathon (HM), but did not have much luck.
First...I ordered a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and it has been a great big pain in the neck. I wanted to use it to see how many calories I am burning while I work-out and run. Well, the darn thing is broken and I am in the process of exchanging it.
Secondly..on Thursday I had made plans to go running with my mom because it was my only FREE day. The track we normally go to was closed, gated up and being bulldozed! What luck!
We didn't give up though :-) We decided to walk around her neighborhood. By the time we got back and got the kids settled with bikes/skates/scooters, we were only able to walk for 30 minutes and I only ran for a couple minutes. Not.gonna.cut.it. I know!

Positives: I did make it to Jazzercise twice this week. YAY ME!

As for my eating, I am doing much better! I have cut out fast food which is causing me to cook a lot more! Don't pass out..but I'm actually enjoying it!! I'm learning new recipes and buying new HEALTHY foods to try! It's been tough to go COMPLETELY healthy & I have eaten a couple candies and goodies, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I am drinking well over 8 glasses of water a day, I am watching my calorie intake and have lost 3lbs in the last 2 weeks! It is exciting and motivating. & maybe 'hopefully' soon I can wear my favorite jeans again!

Goals for next week:
  • Eat within my calorie range
  • Jazzercise 3x/wk
  • Run 1 mile

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  1. Congrats on a 3lb loss that is awesome! Keep going