Prayer Request

I know I didn't update my 1/2 Marathon journey the last week, it been a really off couple weeks with the kids being on Spring Break. They went back to school on Monday and I'm finally feeling back to normal to some extent. 
But the main reason I wanted to write is for everyone to pray for my cousin's daughter, Cailyn! We found out last week she has a rare form of cancer, and it is located on her brain stem. Because of this, they cannot operate and she has to do radiation and chemotherapy . She is a beautiful 3 year old and she has a little brother, Ian, who is 15 months. The whole family just needs prayer and support! They live in Florida, my cousin is in the Navy and just returned from a 6 month deployment. He had to come home and receive this devastating news. I know it is easy to give up during hard times, but they are strong and brave and will get through this. We serve an AWESOME God that can heal her! I want everyone around the world praying for Cailyn!!! 
Thank you!
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  1. My thoughts go out to the family. She is beautiful!