Time for another...

I guess I better write a blog! LOL It's been a few days. Monday was a holiday so I spent the day in Tucson with my sister. Tuesday Alexis woke up with a tummy ache and missed school....even though she was up running around like all was fine by 10am. Lily made it to school though, she wouldnt miss a day for anything. She loves school and is so excited to go everyday! I hope it lasts. Potty training has not been very successful this week, but mostly because I have not been too enthused. & Josiah would like to stay a baby forever so he is no help. I try to spend any down time I have reading schoolwork and doing homework. I am proud to say I have a 100% in my science class...so far..waiting on my grade for the huge paper I had to write this weekend. I'm starting to remember why I did not continue college HAHA At least I am more mature this time around...I think...i dunno, maybe not.

And of course I have been spending my Tuesday and Wednesday evenings watching American Idol! I already have a few faves ... I hope they make it through Hollywood week...which I am ready for! Enough with the auditions already SHEESH!

Tomorrow I have Jazzercise, which I am very excited about since I have not worked out since Monday. The treadmill keeps calling my name, but I have that selective hearing problem and choose to ignore it. I learned this from my children. I am re-starting my Jazz class so I get a pair of FREE shoes! How cool is that?!?

Enough with my BLAHdom for now, maybe something new and exciting willl happen soon! Til next time-