the joys of parenthood

So I decided it was time to put away those diapers and get serious about potty training! Josiah will be turning 3 in just a few months. He is so smart and I KNOW he can do it on his own. He is just so stubborn! I will ask him if he wants to wear big boy undies and he says, "No, diaper!" If we tell him he is not a baby anymore, he is a big boy..he points to himself and says, "Baby". Such a punk! HAHA I have to say after trying for many hours yesterday he did go #1&#2 in the potty! YAY! We are so proud of our BIG BOY! He's happy sitting there as long as we are reading book after book after book!
AND if you can't tell in the picture, we did get his haircut, courtesy of my mother. I knew there was a boy under all that hair! It's a cute cut, I miss his long hair...but...it'll grow back ; )
*above graphic by Melica @ ChubbyCheeksGraphics*


  1. Argh, the dreaded potty training. Really....dont let his age be the guide. My boy just took his nappy off and that was it. He was done. My two girls exactly the same. Save yourself the sweat!!

    (forgive me for giving you unsolicited advice!!!) I love your blog...so much I can relate to and good luck with the potty - any way YOU choose to do it!!! LOL

  2. Jo Jo will do great... When I was training Jolie, I resorted to singing songs, reading books & painting toe nails. Anything that would keep her still long enough to do SOMETHING on the dang thing. One day, she had her nails painted at least 4 different colors.

  3. Hi Danita, thanks for playing along in the InterView Me game...am having problems with my email but will get questions to you by this evening. Look forward to readng your answers!