I wanna be trendy..

So I'm a young, attractive woman (i've been told) and well I want to feel young and attractive. I am ONLY 27 btw. I keep looking in my closet for inspiration and just get let down. How horrible is that? Any woman would want a closet full of cute trendy clothes that fit great, matching shoes and a great purse to go with! Now, I'm in quite a bind since any extra money we may get goes towards my childrens cute trendy clothes. I should have realized this would happen after baby number 1, but NOPE we kept on going. I LOVE my children though and would not change having them for an instant, but there are sacrifices mothers have to make. I've come across this awesome site months ago and have yet to buy 1 thing! My goal is to buy 1 cute dress for myself this spring/summer! Check out Lulu's and I want your opinions on which dress I should buy! I'm really liking these ones:

If anyone has another great site I should check out {with affordable prices}, comment me so i can check em out!
Maybe I can just get myself a whole new make-over with help from all my blog world friends!


  1. I like B. I think that would be beautiful!

  2. I know the feeling all too well.
    Now the problem is any clothes that fit. :)

    I like the last one the most!

  3. I love A but if you got good legs...you gotta go shorter! B is a close second, but frankly I like them all.

    I couldnt believe it when I read this post!! Guess what my mission was this month? To buy at least one dress! I am not a dress person per se but have decided I look dang fine in frock so I have to get more before i get to old! I dont have as much time as you left.

    I bought TWO! I will have to either do a post about it or email you the pics privately.

    Its a sad thing that as moms we do sometimes neglect our own trendiness...but you doing good and nippping it in the bud.

  4. I think dress "B" would look SUPER great on you. I can totally see you in it! They are all very pretty though. Dress D is very pretty, just a bit dressier. I think you'd get more use out of B. And yes you ARE a very attractive woman---ohhhh lala!! you GO girl!
    I do the same thing with my kids...glad to know I'm not the only one!!

  5. I love "C". Lulus.com has some of the cutest things!

  6. B is definately the most you. You would look so great in B

  7. First off, you are absolutely beautiful and would look good in anything.

    Having said that, I like the last one the best.

    Why is it so hard to find cute and inexpensive dresses? It's super easy to find cute expensive ones!