I LOVE MY [P]'s!!

Here's the deal: If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

My BFF from Peace,Love&Applesauce has given me the letter [P].
  1. [P]arents-I love my parents, they are the BEST! I am so lucky to have such loving&giving folks =]

  2. [P]aintShop Pro-I enjoy learning everyday, trying to make siggies&graphics for all my friends&family...and anyone else who asks =]

  3. [P]urses- Although I'm not quite as fanatic as some of my close girlfriends, I do love purses, especially my COACH purse and my new VERA BRADLEY!

  4. [P]hones- particularly mobile phones, like mine, the Motorola Q ! I'm still unsure how we all survived pre-moblie phones & texting..??

  5. [P]laydates-It's so fun to get together with friends and catch up, while the kids are busy playing with their own friends. It's a nice break! Sure miss my MiM gals!

  6. [P]arties- who doesnt LOVE a fun party!

  7. [P]salms- I love the book of Psalms in the Bible, it is very encouraging & beautiful.

  8. [P]ink- Although my favorite color is Green, Pink comes in a close 2nd, plus it's Lily's favorite color!

  9. [P]enguins- they are just oh so cute! ;-]

  10. [P]eace,Love&Applesauce-Of course I have to give a shout out to my BFF! Love her blog =]


  1. ok, so where did you go to HS? I graduated from Sabino. My fam lives on the east side of town near Sabino Canyon. funny you used to live in this area!!! And it's never too late to start project 365 this year! I have had so much fun with it. I think at the end of the year, I am going to put all the pictures in a book.

  2. Oooo, how fun! Thanks so much for your comment! It was such a hectic day yesterday, I just wanted to scream!! *hugs*

  3. Hey! I will play along....

    Did I mention that my kids are exactly the same age as yours in the same sex order!!! What I have noticed however is that you are 10 yrs younger than me....hmmm.....guess that make me a slow starter huh? Thing is girl....we may just have loads in common!

    Your blog looks fab btw!

  4. LOL. It definitely was harder than it looked!

  5. I want to play! I love your blog Danita!