My 1st Manic Monday

What gives you hope? Jesus! He gives me hope because we can do all things through Him!

How often do you get your haircut? I go through haircut spurts LOL I like to go every birthday to get my haircut, a new style, to go with the new age I suppose. Then sometimes I will go every couple months and get crazy and go really short! My LAST haircut was in November 2007! I am planning to get a haircut soon & maybe ya'll can help me pick a style ;)

Describe your worst haircut. When I was a junior in highschool, I decided to go real short. The stylist totally butchered my hair and gave me BANGS! I got in my car and CRIED! Bangs do NOT look good on me. how sad for such a fragile teenager LOL

What's your most treasured piece of jewelry? I'm not a big jewelry person, but I do have a few special pieces. I'd have to say my most treasured piece is my Wedding Ring.

Why? It is not the original, but Joey bought this one for me before he went to Iraq for a year. I would break out every time I wore the original ring, so i hardley wore it anymore. He wanted me to have a ring while he was gone. It means alot to me =]


  1. Very sweet story about the jewelry :)

  2. I forget to get haircuts. I did get one last Thursday.

    I played too :)