No Time Capsule Tuesday

Sorry there was no Time Capsule Tuesday yesterday, I completely forgot about it this week. I remembered it about 8pm last night! No worries, we'll be back next week and I hope I can get more people to join in! If not, it's cool, I enjoy doing it!

Monday was our 8 year wedding anniversary. Joey re-enlisted in the Navy for 4 more years that day and since we are a few states apart right now I wasn't able to attend his ceremony. BUT Congrats to him! Only 9 more years and he can retire!

The girls registered for cheerleading yesterday with Young Champions of America. The really enjoyed their first lesson and will go every week for the summer! I'm so happy to get them into something active, especially Alexis. She never wants to join anything because I think she gets intimidated. She is the oldest one in this cheer class so I think she's enjoying the control LOL! All the younger girls follow her around like she's big stuff, although she's used to that since Lily looks up to her so much.

Today we went to see Up at the theaters! We had a great time and it was SUPER cute! Not what I expected at all, I think it is very enjoyable for adults and the kids really loved it too!

So, this is my simple update...hopefully next week I will be in better blogging spirit!

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  1. I left you a goodie over at my blog...hope you'll swing by when you get a chance!

  2. I've been a pretty lazy blogger this week too! Ah well, there is always next week, right? I can't wait to see the UP movie. Maybe my boys will want to watch something other than Wall E then!
    Cute pics too!